Welcome to our FFG Star Wars RPG campaign!

If you need access to edit your character, please reach out to Cole Hanson for character assignment. This will be a regular campaign, and I will post the event dates in here. There is a forum attached for any inquiries or questions you might have.

If you are playing remotely, we will be streaming over Google Hangouts. Please contact the GM directly to set up streaming for the game.

Timeline and Roleplay Context
For anyone looking to work with their RP mechanics and develop their character, the timeline we are looking at is the Inter-War period between Episode 3 and 4. For clarity, Order 66 is still being played out against straggling Jedi, the CIS has been dissolved or destroyed, and the Rebellion is in its infancy. Rumors spread about various cells and terrorist acts brought upon by this rebellion, but there is no unifying theme, goal, or mission other than disrupting the growth and power of the Empire. The hard year, since one of you asked, is 5 BBY. Click here for a timeline.

Feel free to rely on either Canon or Legends material, with conflicts ironed out as we move along, GM call being final.