Blaa Cousta

Corellian Human


Blaa is the third son of the Cousta family. They are an old family whose money comes from early investments in starship manufacturing companies before Corellia was known for its starships. The investments paid dividends beyond his ancestors’ wildest dreams. Using his family’s money and connections, Blaa was taught by the best private flying instructors, went to the best academy, and was placed at a prestigious, but secret Imperial testing ground as a test pilot for experimental starships.

After years of working there, moving up in the ranks of the test pilots rather quickly, there were reports of rebel activity near the base. These reports increased in frequency until one day he was detained upon entering his hangar. Apparently there was a rebel using his name and matching his description in some of these reports. Blaa denied it, he hadn’t done anything wrong, all he cared about was flying crazy-ass starships and reporting on how viable they were for real humans (he’s obviously above the rest) to fly. Unfortunately the Imperial Storm Troopers that were sent to detain him didn’t care about his impeccable record nor did they believe a word he said. Luckily for Blaa, the rebels had found the location of the base and planned a raid that morning, and it started before the troopers had put him in cuffs. When the raid started, he took his chance to run, jumping in the latest starship he had been testing (far beyond the skill of mere mortals to pilot) and got the fuck out.

Now he is without his family’s backing, without the Empire’s backing, bitter about losing both, and hot headed as ever. He figures that The Rebellion paid him back by raiding the base and allowing him to escape. The Empire still owes him a debt for the mixed up identity and not giving him the benefit of the doubt from his years of service (he saved many an Imperial pilot from flying something they had no business even thinking about flying.)

Blaa Cousta

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